This is it. My corner of the internet. Here you'll be sure to find all the stuff i've made in my free time, and you'll also get to hear me babble on about things that no one (but me) cares about. Enjoy at your own risk! (website is still a wip)

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change log

5/1/2020: created the blog page + wrote my first article.

4/22/2020: >no school because of corona so expect more updates

lol. but I am going to add a new blog entry, so stay tuned.

3/13/2020: redid the menu and added my email to the contact dropdown. no school because of corona so expect more updates.

3/12/2020: created the my graphics and how-to make graphics pages + changed the menu.

3/7/2020: created the music page.

3/6/2020: changed how the menu looks.

2/28/2020: created the found graphics page.